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Five Best DVD Ripping Tools Review

Going to cinema is the immediate thing for Winter Sleep fans. But in the long run, owning its DVD is a more savable and convenient way. Through DVD ripping, users can protect the cherished DVDs against wear out, enjoy ripped DVD movies on DVD-drive-devoid mobiles or tablets on the go instead of watching them on hulking computer or other laptops, and have nothing worry about repurchasing DVDs you've paid good money for.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great utilities designed to make DVD ripping process easy and give you files that are playable on any device you choose, whenever you choose to watch them. To help you spend money on the DVD ripper that works the best for you and save your time in finding the most suitable one from the crowd, here shares five of the best DVD Rippers review, based on your nominations.

NO.1  iFastime Video Converter Ultimate (Windows 10 Supported)

iFastime Video Converter Ultimate supports ripping DVD, ISO/IFO image and DVD folder on Window PC to, say, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, iPhone, iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, PS4, etc, disregard of the latest Disney X-protect DRM, CSS encryption, REC, Sony ARccOS protection, UOPs, and so on. Using the "Full Disc Copy" feature, you can preserve the DVD's original file structure, backup DVD disc to PC with one click. Using "Directly Copy" feature, you can backup DVD main movie in original format (vob) without quality loss. Moreover, it allows you to trim a specific duration from a movie while allowing you to split movie/divide a movie evenly into multiple segments and adding subtitles is also allowed. And it supports converting Blu-ray and Videos to any popular video/audio format with ease. (Read review to learn more)

MP4 to DVD Player Converter

Pros: The status of in dominating the DVD ripper field cannot be shaken. This is because of its perfect DVD ripping ability, many excellent but non-redundant features, slick and intuitive interface, and capabilities of preserving 100% video quality while achieving second-to-none 6x faster speed compared to other DVD rippers.

Cons: It is priced at $45.95 for license, and you can get 40% OFF coupon at Facebook which may be not competitive compared to other best free DVD ripper like Handbrake. But given its admiring features, speed, quality, easiness, and multilingual support, it deserves our best rank in top DVD ripper.


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No. 2 MakeMKV (Win/OS X/Linux)

We’ve praised MakeMKV for its ability to quickly and easily rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs to high quality MKV files with a single click. The app has been in beta for a long time (years, in fact), which is just as well, since the developers promise to start charging for Blu-ray ripping once the app leaves beta. The app’s strong suits are that it’s fast, super easy, and cross-platform (the Linux version is available in the forums.) Plus, the app preserves all of the source disc’s information, including tracks, chapters, HD audio, menus, and so on. The app is completely free.

Pros: MakeMKV Rips DVDs and Blu-Rays with Just Two Clicks. Woks on Windows/Mac/Linux. It's still slim pickings when it comes to finding a good freeware…
Con: Only output MKV format

No. 3 Handbrake (Win/OS X/Linux)

Handbrake is our favorite video encoder for a reason: it’s simple, easy to use, easy to install, and offers a wealth of tweaking options to get the best possible file as a result. If you’re daunted by them, you don’t even have to use them—the app will compensate for you and pick some settings it thinks you’ll like based on your destination device. So many of you like Handbrake that many of you use it in conjunction with another app (like VLC, which makes ripping easy)—you’ll let another app do the rip and crack the DRM on your discs, and then process the file through Handbrake for encoding. The app is fast, can make the most of multi-core processors to speed up the process, and is completely open source. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Pros: There are number of handy video encoders, but we believe Handbrake is the best free one.
Cons: It only supports MPEG-4 files as input, and MPEG-4 or MKV files as output; It often crashes; File output quality is compromised. (Thus, an alternative to Handbrake is needed)

No. 4 AnyDVD/AnyDVD HD (Windows)

AnyDVD (which rips DVDs only) and AnyDVD HD (which supports Blu-rays and HD DVDs) both earned high praise from you for being well worth their entry prices, and getting frequent updates to get around the copy protection that disc publishers include that make it harder for you to rip your own movies and play them on the devices you choose. The app can handle unwanted DRM, remove region restrictions, disables forced subtitles or delays, and even plays nice with DVD authoring tools if you’re backing up your movies. You can try the app for free, but its features will cost you: AnyDVD is 49EUR ($65 USD) and AnyDVD HD is 79EUR ($105 USD).

Pros: It's a popular tool to decrypt and remove write protection on DVDs. 
Cons: It’s relatively advanced with a number of great features but it’s a little complicated, especially for a computer newbie. In addition, in order to copy your DVD movies to computer’s hard drive or DVD disc, you need to install another backup tool. 

No. 5 DVDShrink (Windows)

It’s amazing how time flies. DVD Shrink halted development back in 2005, but it’s still one of your favorite decrypting, ripping, and compressing utility. For many of you, you still use it in conjunction with another app, but for a good number of you it’s still the go-to app to handle the job. It hasn’t been updated since 2005, which means its support for newer discs is spotty at best, but when it does work, it works well and results in nice, tidy, small files that are great for portability. In fact, some of you called it out specifically for its compression, which many newer apps haven’t been able to match. It’s also super-easy to use, and completely free—and, according to the developers and site moderators, always will be.

Pros: Rip and back up any DVD to your hard drive with one-click, a freeware…
Cons: It is difficult for DVD Shrink to afford new released DVDs in that it has been stopped upgrade for many years.


Now that you’ve seen the top five, it’s time to pick the one you like. It shall be mentioned DVD rippers are only based on fair use. And all the three best DVD ripper software have both pros and cons. You are advised to take an overall consideration regarding to their speed, quality, easiness and features prior to buying it. Anyway, it's worth your try as all of them are the best software for DVD ripping.

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